Keeph8n's first giveaway competition for Rookies, Novices & Enthusiasts only!

The farewell to socket 1151 competition has started!

This comp is completely open to any generation of 1151 processors (Z170-Z390 based motherboards).

NON EXOTIC COOLING ONLY (air, water, chilled etc). You must also have never used LHe, LN2, Dice, Cascade or Single Stage before. So Rookies, Novices and Enthusiast plz chime in!

Don't be afraid , just participate!!!!

Benchmarks picked are:

GPUPi for CPU v3.2 - 1B -  4cores, no HT  w/ Benchmate

Cinebench R15 per core w/ Benchmate

wPrime 1024M per - 4cores, no HT  w/ Benchmate

SuperPi 32M w/ Benchmate

PiFast w/ Benchmate

Temperature limitation is set at 15C at idle, monitored by Benchmate. The multi-threaded benchmark scores will either be divided on a per core basis (CB R15)  or limited to 4 cores, no hyperthreading for Wprime and GPUPI stage, thus to make it more balanced between all core count CPUs for the LGA1151 socket.

Prizes are:

1st Place: Kingpin Cooling TREX LN2 Container (Winner gets color choice) + $100 USD

2nd Place: Kingpin Cooling Inferno Backplate + $50 USD

3rd Place: Kingpin Cooling 30G KPX Paste + $25 USD

and a few more...

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