HWBOT Country Cup 2019 Kicks Off November 1

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The quest to find out which country has the best overclockers in the world in 2019 is upon us. The HWBOT Country Cup 2019 kicks off today, pitting country against country across fourteen gruelling stages that promise to be the truest test of overclocking pedigree. The contest starts on November 1st and closes on the 31st of December. For its 10th anniversary, the stages are a mix of previous Country Cups in a blend with more modern hardware and benchmarks.

Thus them legacy overclockers that stayed away from previous Country Cups can play this year a decisive role in the outcome of the final ranking.

In previous years we’ve seen wins from Romania (2x), Greece (2x), Poland, but it will be the question which country can breach the dominance of the Australians (5x). Can Germany finally get a decent team together after a good showing in the Team Cup or perhaps the US will find a winning team ethic. An intriguing battle lies ahead, keep on pushing it.

Here's the competition link if you want to help your country to claim the title of Fastest Country in the World

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