AMD AM4 Submissions Cleanup

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Due to the numerous submissions still being done on Windows 8/8.1 and 10, the time has come to remove these subs. Just a quick recap: thanks to the timer skew or RTC bug still being present when benching the AMD platform in combination with the aforementioned Microsoft OSses, scores can become bugged or even tricked by the end-user. Therefore the previous HWBot staff only allowed to bench AMD on Win8/8.1/10 and alike Server versions IF the end-user disabled their points.

The popularity of the AM4 platform flooded the Bot with incorrect submissions, thus messing up the rankings. Submissions without points are not the way to go either as it is uncontrollable who will or not will disable their points.

Therefore for most benchmarks on HWBot and the AM4 platform now require WINDOWS 7 OR one can bench on Win 8/10 by using Matt's BENCHMATE tool. For your info a new BenchMate version is around the corner bringing more benchmarks to the Overclocking Community.

I know this act wll bring a lot of frustration but it is the only option we have to assure credibility in the ranking and scoring system. Therefore my sincerest apologies if your subs will get removed at this late stage. Ryzen first gen multithreaded scores are mostly done, Moderating the Ryzen 2xxx series is up today and 3xxx series probably later down the week.

With kind regards Leeghoofd

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