AMD AM4 Submissions Cleanup

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Due to the numerous submissions still being done on Windows 8/8.1 and 10, the time has come to remove these subs. Just a quick recap: thanks to the timer skew or RTC bug still being present when benching the AMD platform in combination with the aforementioned Microsoft OSses, scores can become bugged or even tricked by the end-user. Therefore the previous HWBot staff only allowed to bench AMD on Win8/8.1/10 and alike Server versions IF the end-user disabled their points.

The popularity of the AM4 platform flooded the Bot with incorrect submissions, thus messing up the rankings. Submissions without points are not the way to go either as it is uncontrollable who will or not will disable their points.

Therefore for most benchmarks on HWBot and the AM4 platform now require WINDOWS 7 OR one can bench on Win 8/10 by using Matt's BENCHMATE tool. For your info a new BenchMate version is around the corner bringing more benchmarks to the Overclocking Community.

I know this act wll bring a lot of frustration but it is the only option we have to assure credibility in the ranking and scoring system. Therefore my sincerest apologies if your subs will get removed at this late stage. Ryzen first gen multithreaded scores are mostly done, Moderating the Ryzen 2xxx series is up today and 3xxx series probably later down the week.

With kind regards Leeghoofd

Italy Kos says:

Una vergogna

United States Berfs1 says:

Please tell me CPU-Z will be fine for Windows 10!! Also, if this is the case, can someone please make an article on how to install Windows 7 on Ryzen based systems?

United States KingCry says:

I recommend cleaning up Haswell/Haswell-E/Broadwell/Broadwell-E scores if RTC bug is present on those platforms.

Australia zeropluszero says:

Thanks Alby.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Berfs1 you can always try this prepped Win7 OS from Infrared ( )

United States Duplicity says:

So this is why I received a random email as to why a moderator deleted my 3700x cbr15 submission from awhile back lol. I'd re-bench it but I already upgraded to a 9900k :).

Netherlands Wasmachineman_NL says:

Meanwhile i'm still out quite a few points for no reason at all. This is how HWBot is going to shit: software issues that won't be resolved.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Depends on your concept of software issues, non valid subs are not software issues but mainly user error. Submissions that don't adhere to the imposed rules from release of the first Ryzne gen. To be honest most subs missed CPUZ windows, no validaiton screenshot at all or Cinebench scores were the rendered screens were covered. Even if benched on a compatible OS they would still be removed over time, as users will report them...

Honduras masterbitz says:

If it is to improve, what has been done is well done, so you have to keep pushing, greetings

Indonesia speed.fastest says:

Good job, it aint easy to do this!

United States Berfs1 says:

Thanks a lot for the link leeghoofd!

Australia unityofsaints says:

I'm always in favour of submissions cleanups (heaven knows this site needs them) but when a CB2003 sub from 2 years ago gets blocked that's casting too wide of a net! A) BM didn't exist 2 years ago B) BM still today doesn't support CB2003 C) It was done on Win 10 on a board without BCLK. Like what do you expect me to do, time travel into the future?

Belgium leeghoofd says:

I just use copy paste to fill in the info, if I sometimes have to manualy typ all comments it will take me weeks to do all... the issue is deeper than we thought and not only affecting bclockable boards sadly

Australia unityofsaints says:

I am aware of issues on non-BCLK boards but then the rules have to change *first*, then submissions cleanup, and only for those subs which happened after the rule change. If you want to do retroactive sub cleanups, why not get rid of all the SP32M scores that were done before the CPU-Z memory window was mandatory?

Belgium leeghoofd says:

That's the thing there was no real rule change, besides the non blcocking boards are also into the mix now, anyway most subs done on either bclockable boards or the screenies were just incorrect (wrong OS, missing cpuz windows, blocked rendered screens,...)

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