New Benchmate 0.8.1 released, mandatory for Benchmate Tryout compo

Another update version of _Matt_'s BenchMate has been released. Version 0.8.1  includes many bugfixes and must be used in the ongoing BenchMate Tryout Compo

If encountering any problems during usage, press the Bug Report button and pass the file to the developer. You can also highlight your issues at the Support Thread here at HWBot.

The Official HWBot BenchMate Support Thread can be found at the Forum

The BenchMate Tryout compo is on the way, feel free to chime in, The more scores/reports, the faster the development of a final release will happen. Scores can be submitted straight via the Benchmate Tool (internet required ofc) or via the Screenshot (Result Folder) For the Compo new Beta Benchmark rankings are in order, so no panic if your score does not appear in the normal rankings.

FlanK3r says:

wrong url to version 0.8.1 :)

Austria _mat_ says:

Please use the following URL in the news, it's the new, permanent place to get the latest version:

Belgium leeghoofd says:

edited the old URL

United States MaddMutt says:

Can you update the front page to tell us what version is current. You could just leave Version number blank and have link to instead of having to search.

Denmark T.Rex says:

benchmark not found ?

Austria _mat_ says:

2 hours ago, T.Rex said:

benchmark not found ?

Do you have a problem with BenchMate? If so, please explain it with more detail.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

its an old news article, thus linking to the old version which is no longer.... latest releases can be found at the new website of BenchMate

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