We reached North Cape! 1185 euro donated to Children Cancer Foundation charity

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Between 23rd and the 10th of March 2 crew members of HWBOT (Dennis and Me) did a rally for charity, the Baltic Sea Circle Rally. We drove from Belgium to the North Cape and back, around the Baltic Sea without using highways or GPS in a 37 year old car, in the middle of the winter.

The car

Our rally car was the oldest car out of 82 to reach the finish, and did fairly well! The only issues we had were:

  • we completely ruined our rear brakes on day 2 because someone forgot to release the handbrake
  • it was absolutely not waterproof
  • every pothole we hit the trunk flew open
  • when temperatures dropped to -15c and below we had to make a campfire underneath the car to get it started
  • when temperatures dropped to -30c the engine stalled even when driving
  • we made a detour of 400km in the middle of the night to fetch spare parts for another team

Together with donations from HWBOT members we gathered 1185 euro for the Belgian Children Cancer Foundation, thank you guys! Now we are back, we can start working on HWBOT again!

United Kingdom ObscureParadox says:

How long was the handbrake left up? xD

Germany Don_Dan says:

I'm glad you returned home safely! :)

Belgium leeghoofd says:

awesome, must have been great looking at the piccie son Instagram

Australia zeropluszero says:


Now we are back, we can start working on HWBOT again!

April fools, no one's working on HWBOT.

Belgium richba5tard says:


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