All donations to HWBOT until 10th of March will go 100% to Children Cancer Foundation charity

Between 23rd and the 10th of March 2 crew members of HWBOT (Dennis and Me) will be doing a rally for charity, the Baltic Sea Circle Rally. We are attempting to drive from Belgium to the North Cape and back, around the Baltic Sea without using highways or GPS in a 37 year old car, in the middle of the winter.

If you ever contemplated donating to HWBOT, now is the time as all donations received between now and the 10th of March will be donated to in full to the Belgian Children Cancer Foundation.

Donate to charity using our paypal link:

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The car

Our rally car of choice is the cheapest working Porsche 924 we found, with the same manufacturing date as me (1982). We have not yet started the race, yet it has:

  • been on fire
  • had a ruptured fuel line in the engine bay, next to the hot engine
  • has had a dozen blown fuses
  • no waterproof windows
  • no waterproof trunk
  • trunk won't open
  • trunk won't close
  • lights won't turn off
  • dead battery
  • cilinder #3 did not fire
  • the windshield wipers gave up
  • had to be towed because the gear shift cable snapped

But other than that it's really reliable, trust me! We have about 9000km to complete in 2 weeks time. Hopefully not too much time will be spent on the side of the road working on the car at -30C. You can follow us on twitter or instagram, handle @ouwenbelg.

The trip:

Officially starting in Hamburg, Germany, we will need to average 500km a day to complete it in time. Not a problem in a modern car in fair weather, but we will not be using highways, be riding on icy Scandinavian roads, without GPS, in a 37 year old car with no traction control, ABS and RWD. Fun!


I'll contribute. And no thanks, you do a lot by doing this. Let me hear from you too. Sincerely Ackerman

Belgium richba5tard says:

Still greatly appreciated Ackerman, and all other who have contributed! We will post updates of our trip on HWBOT too. It might be great fun to gather donations based on fun goals too: eg. BBQ at -30C, reach Finland without breaking down, do a drift race on a frozen lake, etc. :)


Belgium richba5tard says:

We are getting some crazy donations! Awesome to see this kind of support coming from the overclocking community!

United Kingdom Jumper118 says:

what could possibly go wrong.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Donated, be safe!

Greece varachio says:

donated too. Be safe!!!

Romania miker2ka says:


India ksateaaa23 says:

Made a small contribution.

Germany QAI says:

I'd say "don't do anything stupid", but reading that description, you've passed that point a long time ago... Do come back in one piece!

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