Gamers Nexus: NZXT N7 Z370 Motherboard VRM Review

A few weeks ago we noted how NZXT had entered the motherboard market, launching their take on Intel’s Z370 platform with the aptly named N7 Z370 motherboard. Working for Gamers Nexus, Buildzoid from Actually Hardcore Overclocking decided that this new player in the market deserved a closer look. What we have today is in fact a very detailed review of the N7 Z370 board in the form of a review of the board’s VRM design, possibly the most crucial aspect of any motherboard from an overclocking perspective.

Buildzoid starts off by identifying all the components that actually make up the VRM area of the motherboard. He shows us which specific controller ICs are responsible for delivering power to the CPU, the IGP and system memory controller. The ICs actually come from International Rectifier, making up an 8-phase VRM design with a doubling scheme – a common configuration on Z370 boards. The Infineon MOSFETs are good quality however, as are the chokes all which means, it should be solid when pushing the latest Coffee Lake chips.

Buildzoid goes on to calculate maximum current output for the MOSFETs adding thoughts about power consumption needs, VRM heat output and cooling. For example, he notes that there is a degree of overkill regarding the System Agent, IO and IGP VRM design. As well as thoughts on memory overclocking, he also gives us an overall conclusion of the board’s quality level.

Check out the NZXT N7 Z370 Motherboard VRM Review video here on the Gamers Nexus YouTube channel.

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