Throwback Thursday: HWBOT Interview with Unseen (Greece)

Today we cast our thoughts back to a day in February 2008 when HWBOT conducted an interview with a member known as Unseen, a prominent Greek overclocker who was handy with a Peltier cooler and actually among the first to bench hardware using LN2 in Greece. With vast experience going back as far as the earliest Intel CPUs, Unseen will be a figure that many will remember from the early days of competitive overclocking. This is part of the conversation we had with him on February 28th, 2008:

HWBOT - Okay, first question, obviously, please tell us a bit more about yourself.

Unseen - My name is Christos and as you may know, I am from Thessaloniki, Greece. I am 27 years old and I run my own IT company.

HWBOT - How and when did you start overclocking?

Unseen - About ~12-13 years ago I tweaked my 386DX 40Mhz but I don’t remember much from those days. I think my first serious overclock was on a Pentium 166mmx when I managed to run Final Fantasy benchmark at ~293mhz with the help of a small 40watt peltier and a Globalwin heatsink.

HWBOT - What’s your current bench setup?

Unseen - I am playing with the upcoming Intel yorkfield cpu’s and X38/ddr3 motherboard. The problem is that I don't have my own hardware so I can't bench something for more than a week. Usually I just bench with stuff that comes for reviews.

HWBOT - We all know that everyone has his favorites, but who are your favorite benchmarkers?

Unseen - I feel great respect for Shamino. He is my favorite benchmaker because he benches and keeps a very humble person. No big words, no fights, he shares knowledge without waiting to give him something back. Two other people that I respect a lot are Hadji_a from our team because he is the absolute tweak master and last but not least Bachus_Anonym from Xs.

You can find the rest of this fascinating interview from February 2008 here.

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