K|ngp|n (US) and Xtreme Addict (Poland) Take Down Catzilla World Records with 4x GTX 1080 Ti Cards

Believe it or not, there are folks out there who believe that multi-GPU setups are increasingly a thing of the past. Try telling that to Xtreme Addict (US) and k|ingp|n (US), two overclockers who have been proving that there’s still plenty of fun to be had with 4-way SLI systems. Both overclockers have broken World Records in the classic Catzilla 3D benchmark series using no less than four LN2 cooled GTX 1080 Ti cards. Let’s take a look at the scores and the rigs used:

Xtreme Addict kicked it all off at the weekend, uploading a bunch of impressive 3D scores including World Record breaking scores in Catzilla 4K and Catzilla 1440p. The new World Record score in the Catzilla 4K benchmark now stands at 47,495 marks. His GPUs of choice come from GALAX with four Nvidia Hall of Fame GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards (featured in the pic on the left). These were pushed under LN2 with boost clocks raised to 1,973MHz, a boost of over +33%. The rig was based around an ASRock X299 OC Formula motherboard with the rig’s Intel Core i9 7980XE 'Skylake-X' processor cranked up to 5.6GHz, a massive overclock of +115% beyond stock. The same rig also managed to garner several silver and bronze cups in 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra, Fire Strike Extreme and Time Spy. It also managed to break the World Record in the Catzilla 1440p benchmark, hitting a score of 82,968 marks. However, the World Record belonged to XA for just a matter of hours before k|ngp|n arrived on the scene to snatch it back.

As you would expect k|ngp|n opted to use his very own EVGA Kingpin Edition Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti cards for his latest 4-way Pascal adventure. Just a matter of hours ago he posted a Catzilla 1440p score that edged past XA. The new World Record for Catzilla 1440p now stands at 85,280 marks thanks to the four GPUs being clocked at a pretty incredible 2,500MHz (+68.92%). Vince also used an Intel Core i9 7980XE, in his case pushed to 5.7GHz which is +119.23% beyond stock. The rig also used an EVGA X299 DARK motherboard. Interestingly with only two GTX 1080 Ti cards, he also managed to break the World Record in the Catzilla 720p benchmark which now stands at 117,566 marks. Nice going.

You can find the score submissions in the links above. You can also keep[ breast of the action by checking out the Xtreme Addict and k|ngp|n profile pages. Indeed, there may well be more 4-way scoring to come.

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