NZXT Enter Motherboard Market with N7 Z370 (with ECS as OEM)

Younger overclockers and HWBOT members may not recall the days when the motherboard market was flooded with companies vying for your attention. Today we have the big four; ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock and MSI - but back in the day, we also had DFI, Chaintech, Foxconn, Sapphire, Elitegroup, Albatron and others. Just this week, a new company has emerged, creating its first ever consumer motherboard based on the Intel Z370 platform. Welcome to the N7 Z370 from NZXT.

NZXT have been around for a while of course and will known for its PC cases, PSUs and cooler offerings. The N7 Z370 is their first stab at a motherboard. Joe Shields at Anandtech was one of the first reviewers to put the NZXT N7 Z370 through its paces. The board retails for $299 USD which is the more affordable end of the Z370 spectrum. It has a decent 15-phase VRM and uses Infineon digital controllers, however the experience from an overclocking perspective might not be quite up to scratch with Joe experiencing what seems to be adaptive voltage changing. Despite that, the review has mostly positive things to say about a very first attempt from NZXT.

The N7 Z370 board also popped up at CES this week and was picked up by Steve Burke of Gamers Nexus. He managed to get some quality time with the board and put together a BIOS walkthrough video. He notes that although the BIOS is a basic mode that makes things as simple as possible. Advanced Mode offers much more, but nothing beyond the standard settings that you’d expect for an Intel Z370 platform board. Steve and the guys also have this introduction video which covers the key features, as well as some hypothesis as to which company is providing their OEM services to NZXT. Looks like ECS is in fact the OEM partner for NZXT.

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