k|ngp|n (US) Takes Single GPU Global First Place in 3DMark Time Spy Extreme with NVIDIA Titan V

It was obviously only a matter of time before Vince ‘k|ngp|n’ Lucido over at EVGA got his hands on a Titan V card. That moment was brought home just a few days ago when he managed to break the single GPU Global First Ranked scores in both 3DMark Time Spy and Time Spy Extreme benchmarks. Let’s have a look at the rig he used the configuration employed.

The rig was around the newly re-designed EVGA X299 dark motherboard which not only has the chipset fitted with nice cooling fan which also keeps your M.2 drives cool, the VRM’s finned heatsink has also been fitted a pair of small fans. The rig uses Intel’s current flagship Core i9 7980XE processor, an 18-core (36-thread) Skylake-X chip which Vince pushed to 5,690MHz, a whopping +118.85% beyond stock settings. The system also boasts that $3,000 USD NVIDIA Titan V with the Volta-architecture GV100 graphics chip clocked at 2,250MHz, a very impressive +87.5% beyond the card’s base configuration. In terms of graphics memory, Vince tuned the 12 GB of HBM2 to 945MHz (+11.18%).

The outcome of this monster setup is a score of 17,293 marks in the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark, the fastest score ever submitted using a single GPU. The score eases past the previous best which comes from H2o vs. Ln2 (US) with a score 16,551, also using a Titan V card.

In the 3Dmark Time Spy Extreme benchmark, k|ngp|n and his rig (with CPU clocked slightly lower at 5,400MHz (+107.69%)) has pushed the Global First score for a single GPU to 9,024 marks. This again beats H2o vs. Ln2 who remains on 8728 marks.

You can check out the scores in the links above, as well as visit the k|ngp|n profile page here.

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