Gamers Nexus Introduce Anti-Static Modmat for $99 USD

Steve Burke and the guys at Gamers Nexus have come up with a product developed specifically for folks like ourselves. The GamersNexus Modmat is an anti-static mat that also has a more than a few unique features that make it a bit special. Here’s a summary of what it’s all about.

The GamersNexus Modmat was designed by our team for use in tear-downs, PC builds, and enthusiast projects. The modmat is a 4' x 2' surface, using anti-static, rubberized material that stays in place and protects your components from electro-static discharge with its included common ground point and anti-static wrist strap. The rubber underside prevents the mat from moving on the table, and the mat's rubberized surface helps protect your table (and your components) from damage during system builds. We are currently accepting pre-orders for the modmat, and intend to ship the first batch in January, 2018. This period will allow us to figure out how many to make. These mats are large (at 4' x 2') and their weight speaks to the high material quality, at roughly 4 lbs. The modmat is not intended for use as a mousing surface; however, we have found that it works as one -- it's a mix between a "grippy" and "smooth" surface.

The GamersNexus Modmat is available for pre-order right now for $99 USD with shipping happening later this month. You can learn more about it here, as well as watch this video from Steve Burke right here on the Gamers Nexus YouTube channel.