HWBOT Opinion Poll: Which Coffee Lake CPU Are You Considering?

A few weeks ago we posted poll here on the front page related to the launch of Intel’s 8th Generation Core series processors. The poll was designed to assess the excitement levels of HWBOT members regarding Coffee Lake in relation to the models that people are interested in and their feelings compared to other platforms that are available on the market. Today we can reveal the results.

Question: As Intel steps up its core count game in the mainstream, which Coffee Lake CPU are you considering?

In terms of choosing a specific Coffee Lake CPU model, four options were available; the high-end Core i7 8700K, the i5 8600K, the i3 8350K, or all of them. By far the biggest response with the most votes overall (29.61%) is the Core i7 8700K. Are we surprised by that? Perhaps we shouldn’t be. The flagship Core i7 model has historically been the most popular CPU model since… well, since forever. If you want the full 6-core / 12-thread performance with unlocked multipliers, the Core i7 8700K is the only option you have.

The second most popular choice was perhaps a little more surprising however with 26.5% of those polled saying that they would prefer to go with AMD Ryzen. I would treat this with a little cynicism however as the actual number of AMD overclockers on HWBOT remains relatively low compared to those using Intel. Could it be that perhaps AMD fans are more likely to take part in such a poll? Finding an opportunity to stick the finger at Intel just too hard to resist? I think it’s possible. The third most popular pool result was – ‘none, I already upgraded’. Perhaps an indication that many overclockers have already invested in the Intel X299 and the Core-X series. Why have six cores when you can have as many as 12?

Please share your thoughts in the forum link below. Is Coffee Lake getting you excited?

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