HWBOT Team Cup 2017 Update – Overclock.net Lead With One Month to Go

The ultimate team overclocking contest, the HWBOT Team Cup 2017 has now been running for two months. With just one month of the contest left, let’s take a look at the current standings and see which teams are topping the leaderboard in each sub-category. Let’s kick off with a look at sub-category 1 in a little detail.

Subcategory 1: 2D - Overclock.net Lead - As we found last time we checked in, Overclock.net top the table with a near perfect score of 290 points and winning scores in four of six stages. The team includes regulars Samsarulz (Chile), mllrkllr88 (US) and MrBreeze (US) who are joined by mus1mus (Czech), WhiteWulfe (Canada), Noxinite (UK) and Apprentise DR4G00N (Canada) among others. In second place we find Warp9-systems with 268 points while ROG Czech OC Guys are third with 242 points.

Subcategory 2: 3D - Warp9-systems Lead - In the area of 3D benching the old-timers of Warp9-systems still hold sway. They top the table with a total of 280 points, ten points less than they had one month ago. Once again we find macsbeach98 (Australia) Mr.Scott (US), MrPaco (Puerto Rica) and ksateaaa23 (India) all featuring heavily for the team. Overclock.net have moved from third place to second place in the last month and now have 276 points. The Reddit /r/overclocking team are joint third place with ROG Czech OC Guys on 236 points.

Subcategory 3: Misc 1 – Overclock.net Lead - In miscellaneous category 1 we again find Overclock.net in the driving seat, taking top spot away from XtremeOverdrive OC Team Italy who led one month ago. OCN are top with 280 points, but the Italians are not far behind with superpatodonaldo , Scannick, Griff and Hackeronzo joined by Australian BarboneNet all putting in a shift. It’s all pretty tight with Warp9-systems and XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy sharing second place with 264 points each.

Subcategory 4: Misc 2 – Overclock.net Lead - In the final miscellaneous category Overclock.net again show why they are one of the most feared OC teams in the world. With 274 points they edge out Warp9-systems on 270 points. Again the ROG Czech OC Guys are in the mix with third place and 254 points.

HWBOT Team Cup 2017: Overall Standings - The major change at the end of two months of vigorous team overclocking is that Warp9-systems are been shifted from the top spot by Overclock.net. They top the overall standings with a total of 1,120 points (up from 1,030 points one month ago) while Warp9-systems have 1,082 points (up from 1,060 points). XtremeOverdrive team Italy move from third place to fourth while ROG Czech OC Guys move into third with 984 points.

Let’s not forget that thanks to the generosity of our partners GIGABYTE, G.SKILL, Seasonic, Thermal Grizzly and HWBOT the overall winners at the end of the contest will some great prizes including GIGABYTE Motherboards, Intel Core i7 CPUs, Seasonic power supplies and Thermal Grizzly thermal paste.

Check out all the scores in the links above including the overall standings at the end of August, here on OC-ESPORTS


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