$@39@ (Greece) Takes World No.1 Ranking on HWBOT

It’s seems like quite a long time since there was a challenge to the No.1 spot in the HWBOT rankings that did not involve either Dancop (Germany) or Xtreme Addict (Poland). These two guys have pretty much dominated the top two spots for at least a few years, but as of today… there’s a change in the air. Yesterday afternoon, in the space of just a few minutes, Greek overclocker $@39@ launched the ultimate assault on the throne, submitting a massive seventeen scores that quite simply catapulted him to the pinnacle of world overclocking. In the League Rankings on HWBOT we now find $@39@ in first place with a total of 2,982.3 points, just ahead of Dancop on 2,956.5 points. Let’s a take a look at our new World No.1 and the hard work that has earned him his place in OC history.

Global & World Records Points - 1,570.9: Your points ranking on HWBOT is a combination of three elements. Firstly, let’s look at Global Points. These are the points earned through the possession of specific benchmark rankings, in particular Global World Record scores and Global First Place scores. Only the top fifteen of these actually contribute to your final score. $@39@ has only one World Record which is in the Unigine Heaven Xtreme benchmark. However he does hold an incredible ten Global First Placed scores, mostly involving GTX 1080 Ti cards in 3D benchmarks thanks to his recent work in this area. His Global & World Record Points haul currently stands at 1,570.9 points.

Hardware Points - 968.9: These involve record scores using specific hardware components and it’s an area where $@39@ is absolutely killing it. Your top twenty submissions in this category contribute to your overall score, and it the case of $@39@ , it’s actually a case of twenty Gold Cups in a row. This means he has the highest ranked score with twenty specific components; these include Core i5 2500K , Core i7 6700K and Core i7 7700K CPUs, plus Nvidia GTX 9800, GTX 580 and GTX 250 cards for example – all showing $@39@ knows his way around several generations of hardware. In terms of Hardware Points he has amassed an enormous 968.9 points.

OC-ESPORTS Points – 442: Finally we have points that have been earned using the competitive OC-EPSORTS platform. $@39@ has been an active overclocker in the Road to Pro Challenger Divisions and several other contests in the last year or so. He currently holds Gold Cups (each worth 50 points) for his contest wins in the Challenger Division I in 2016, plus Challenger Division IV and I in 2017. He also has walk away with the win in this year’s Pro OC Division in Round 2 and is current leader in Round 3. Did I mention he also pulled off a few runner up spots (or Silver Cups, worth 42 points each). These were in the Cheapaz Chips Season 1 contest and the recent GIGABYTE Beat the Heat contest. Nice work.

Total League Points - 2,982.3: The overall current standings in the HWBOT rankings table shows just four Extreme League overclockers in the top twenty, joined by 16 Elite League overclockers. Alongside $@39@, we also have Luumi (Finland), scannick (Italy) and Bullshooter (Germany). However to find an Extreme Overclocker in first place, although not entirely unprecedented, it is indeed a wholly remarkable and pretty amazing achievement. A massive congrats to $@39@, the current highest ranked overclocker on HWBOT. You can check out his scores, submissions and achievements here on his HWBOT profile page.

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