Throwback Thursday: GIGABYTE Announce No.1 Biggest Fan, Marc Bro Beier (Denmark)

In this week’s Throwback Thursday we revist a day back in August 2010 when one very lucky HWBOT member was declared GIGABYTE’s No.1 Fan. It stems from a contest that GIGABYTE hosted where the company invited Facebook users to prove how much they love GIGABYTE motherboards. The lucky winner was Marc Bro Beier (M.Beier) who was invited to enjoy an all expenses paid three day trip to Taipei during the GOOC Finals. I joined the GIGABYTE motherboard marketing team just months after the contest, and I think it’s fair to say that Marc left an indelible impression on the folks there. Here’s a sample of the original press release that GIGABYTE put out to announce the winner:

The Search for GIGABYTE Motherboard's #1 Biggest Fan contest ran from May 17th to July 31st, where fans on the GIGABYTE Motherboard Tech Column on Facebook had some pretty creative ways to show their love for GIGABYTE motherboards. Hundreds of fans participated, but there were several standout entries, with fans submitting pictures and videos of their systems, giving advice to other fans about system settings and hardware recommendations and generally creating a very supportive community atmosphere.

This just meant that judging the winner was that much more difficult for GIGABYTE staff. Of course, there could only be one winner, and Marc clearly showed us his love for GIGABYTE motherboards, whether through his series of informative videos, his often passionate, yet helpful suggestions to GIGABYTE, as well as his advice to other GIGABYTE motherboard fans.

You can find an example of the video content that Marc produced, here on his YouTube channel. You can also find the original post announcing the winner on HWBOT which, as ever is well worth a look, if only for the comments. Marc was a pretty well known guy in the community back in 2010, and remains so today.

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