Sofos1990 (Greece) Takes Down 7 Global First Place Scores with Intel Skylake-X

It looks like Greek overclocker Sofos1990 has been getting deeply acquainted with Intel’s latest Skylake-X processor series. Using a Core i7 7820X and a Core i7 7800X he managed to claim seven Global First Placed scores in the octa-core and hexa-core rankings, all within the space of just a day or so. Good going. Let’s take a look at the scores.

In the GPUPI for CPU 1B rankings Sofos managed to break the record score for an octa-core CPU, completing a run in just 2min 8sec 953ms using a Core i7 7820X clocked at 5.5GHz (+ 52.7%) with DDR4 configured at 1,800MHz (13-13-13-28). The rig used a GIGABYTE X299 SOC Champion motherboard and its X9c revision BIOS.

He used the same configuration to attack the wPrime benchmark. In wPrime 32M he finished a run in just 1sec 797ms while in the wPrime 1024M preset he scored 52sec 853ms – both are records scores for an octa-core chip. Using the same rig Sofos managed to also break the Global First Placed score in HWBOT Prime with a score of 10,779.23 pps. In this case the Core i7 7820X was pushed even further to hit 5.9GHz, a massive +63.89% beyond stock settings.

Turning now to the six-core Core i7 7800X processor we have three more Global First Place scores. Sofos managed a score of 9,429.56 pps in the HWBOT Prime benchmark with the Skylake-X chip pushed to 5.5GHz (+57.14%), also using a X299 SOC Champion motherboard. Using the same setup he also took down two wPrime GFPs. In wPrime 32M he managed a run of just 2sec 281mswhile in the wPrime 1024M he completed a run in 1min 10sec 890ms – both scores are the fastest ever using a six core chip.

Finally we should probably also mention that Sofos currently holds the record for he highest CPU frequency on an Intel Core i7 7820X, hitting a very tasty 6,400.08MHz which is exactly +77.78% beyond stock.

With the points earned from this session Sofos1990 now sits in 16th place in the overall HWBOT league rankings with a points haul of 1,780.8 points. You can find all the scores mentioned in this article in the links above. You can also check out the Sofos1990 profile page here.

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