Der8auer Power Mods Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition Card

Extreme overclocking guru der8auer is back with another interesting video. This time he offers a tutorial that shows exactly how he modifies his GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition graphics card. He discusses the power mod in some detail, explaining that the advantages that it brings – notably allowing the card to pull more power to improve stability when running at high frequencies under load.

Roman’s testing indicates that at stock settings the GTX 1080 Ti card will pull up to a around 250 watts from the three sources; the card’s six and eight pin connectors, plus the PCIe slot itself. Using a software app such as MSI Afterburner it is possible to configure the power target at 120%, this allows the card to pull up to 300 watts. However, even with a boosted 120% power target, the GPU will experience instability with maximum core frequencies not maintained evenly throughout a Unigine Superposition benchmark run.

The card uses shunt resistors to measure power draw from the three sources mentioned above. Roman shows how you can essentially turn off these resistors by simply applying liquid metal. Testing reveals that this simple mod allows the card to suck down more power. At stock settings the system drew 396 watts. Overclocked without the power mod this changes to 445 watts, which increases to 502 watts with the power mod. The difference in terms of performance can be seen when using the Superposition benchmark where the power modded card manages around 200 points more.

You can find the video from der8auer here in his YouTube channel.

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