AMD ‘Ryzen Master’ Overclocking Utility Spotted

With the launch of AMD's Ryzen it's fair to say that the OC scene has been generally quite happy with the noises that AMD are making on the topic of Overclocking. The fact the entire series of Ryzen 7, 5 and 3 series processors will arrive at retail fully unlocked is certainly a positive development, as is the news that the company was also planning a revised and updated version (its somewhat jaded) AMD Overdive overclocking app. The new 'Ryzen Master' Overclocking utility will according to reports, be include in the driver install package and will feature a wide range of CPU settings. The guys at Ocaholic have the details:

“The so called AMD driver suite includes a new panel for AMD Settings and “Ryzen Master”. According to the image from "The Tech Chap", Ryzen Master will allow you to change several settings from within Windows. There is for example the possibility to alter the CPU Voltage, the CPU frequency, the number of active cores as well as several details related to the memory. On top of that you can save profiles. A quick look at the clock range shows you can choose anything between 3.0GHz and 6.375GHz. According to the latest rumors, this range might not be the same for the different Ryzen CPUs that don't feature XFR technology.

Below you can find all the settings spotted so far:

  • - Per-core clock adjustment
  • - CPU Voltage Adjustment
  • - The ability to disable cores (choice of 0, 2, 4 or 6 cores)
  • - MEM VDDIO Voltage Adjustment
  • - MEM VTT Voltage Adjustment
  • - VDDCR SOC (PCH) Voltage Adjustment
  • - CAS Latency Adjustment
  • - Row Precharge Delay (15 bus clock at standard)
  • - RAS Active Time (36 bus clock at standard)
  • - Read Row-Column Delay (15 bus clock at standard)
  • - White Row-Column Delay (15 bus clock at standard)
  • - The ability to save up to four custom profiles
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