Hardware Asylum Podcast #71: Intel Makes Overclocking Fun Again with Kaby Lake

Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain are back with the latest edition of the Hardware Asylum podcast (actually edition #71 technically speaking). The show focuses almost entirely on the new Z270 motherboards are now on the market and the impact that Kaby Lake has had on Overclocking as a whole. Show notes:

“On January 3rd 2017 Intel launched the new 7000 series Kaby Lake processors and matching Intel 200 series chipset. For the enthusiast this includes the Core i7 7700K processor and Z270 chipset but, encompasses a number of processors in the range. On the surface the new technology is just a process improvement over Skylake with a 200Mhz speed bump and 4x more PCI Express lanes added to the chipset.”

“On top of the motherboard changes there is also a HUGE improvement to overclocking performance, and by huge I mean 7Ghz under LN2 and 5Ghz on water. Those sorts of numbers are really exciting to see especially considering how “meh” CPU overclocking has been since the launch of the LGA 115x.”

Catch the full podcast here on Hardware Asylum.

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