Points Now Enabled for 3DMark Time Spy

Here’s some quick news to let you all know that HWBoints are now enabled for the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark. As I’m sure most of you know, Time Spy is the latest 3D benchmark from Futuremark. It’s designed to run on Windows 10 64-bit and is one of the first to use a DirectX 12 3D graphics engine. From today, World Record and Global First Place will be awarded in accordance with the HWBoints system.

As one of the most demanding 3D benchmarks around, Time Spy is suited to overclockers who are benching high-end GPU arrays, mainly because it actually scales quite well. In fact, a quick look at the top twenty ranked scores for Time Spy reveals some insanely high-end rigs. The top four results are all using 4x Titan X Pascal card systems, just to give you an idea of who is going to benefit from the new points available. I think we can expect Overclockers with a couple of Titan cards on hand to glean a few extra points out of the Time Spy benchmark.

Another thing that sets the Time Spy benchmark aside from previous 3DMark benchmarks is the improved integration that Time Spy offers with the HWBOT database. Overclockers using the 3DMark benchmarking suite can now add scores to the HWBOT database at the click of a button which makes it easier to submit a validated score. You can find more information about the Time Spy benchmark here, as well as the current score rankings here.

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