Throwback Thursday: Interview with MaSell (Poland)

Today is a Thursday of course which means it’s once again a time to take a trip down memory lane. Let’s take you back almost exactly ten years ago to the day in December in 2007. HWBOT managed to get an interview with one of the more influential and respected members of the community – MaSell, a Polish Overclocker who started Overclocking as early as 2001 . Here’s a sample of the interview which was published on December 7th, 2007:

HWBOT: Okay, first question, obviously, please tell us a bit more about yourself.

MaSell: My name is Mateusz (Matthew), I’m living in Olsztyn, Poland. I’m almost 20 years old. My hobby is OC … but hey! Everyone knows that, next question please :-).

HWBOT: Okay … you’re right. Next question then: How and when did you start overclocking?

MaSell: Some time ago, I guess 2001 or 2002 I read an article about overclocking in PC magazine. I tried it out on my GF2MX400… and it worked as I hit almost 3000points in 3DMark 2001! Incredible score :-). The first cpu with I overclocked, was my Athlon Thunderbird 1333MHz. I had problems to do it, because of my ECS motherboard which didn’t have any oc options in the bios. In 2003-2004 I flashed a modified bios and overclocked cpu to 1467MHz, entirely stable. This board still works in my friend pc!

HWBOT: Does your work/studies have something to do with computing hardware and/or overclocking?

MaSell: I study IT, but unfortunately that’s only about software, not hardware. Why can’t I study overclocking?

HWBOT: That’s a question many of us ask, I think. We all know Mr. Rocha admires 3DMark01, but what are our favourite benchmarks?

MaSell: SuperPI and 3DMark 2001SE for sure. I know it’s old, but these are still one of the most precious benchmarks around. You can use it to bench from Pentium 75MHz to QX9770, from PCI Riva to Tri Sli 8800Ultra monsters. I really like SPI, this is the mother (or father, who know?) of all benchmarks. If you know how to tweak your operating system for spi, you know how to tweak your OS for other benchmark. So next to Superpi, we have the oldie: 3DMark 2001. Why? It’s not as simple as the 2005 or 2006 editions, where you must only overclock, change some settings in drivers and press benchmark button. To get high 2001 score, you have much more work to do, such as finding the best MHz/timing/drivers setting for every single test.

Check out the full and detailed interview here.