Intel XTU Updated to Version, Bugs Fixed

The latest version of the Intel XTU benchmark app is now available. Version can now be downloaded directly from the XTU library page on the HWBOT forum. The new version corrects and eliminates a few bugs that have typically plagued certain versions 6.XX.

One issue that appears to have been fixed is one where users would experience a significantly slower benchmark run followed by a lower score. This now appears to be resolved. Another issue that has been fixed is when the application pumps out scores that are wholly out of kilter with reality, i.e. way higher than they should be. This now also seems to have been resolved.

The latest version of the XTU app can be found on here on the HWBOT forum. Intel has informed us that they will be making it available from the Intel Download Center in just a few days time. Until then, download and install the latest version and take it for a spin. If you do experience issues, it’d be great if you could share your experience on the XTU forum. Feel free to start a new ‘ bug’ thread if necessary.

The XTU Version download link can be found here.

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