LinusTechTips Video Review the Open Benchtable

The guys over at LinusTechTips got hold of an Open Benchtable sample and put together a video review that covers the product from a mostly non-overclocking perspective. Generally it seems that they were impressed with the design describing it as (possibly) a revolutionary platform for hardware testing. The video covers the OBT in plenty of detail, noting its lightweight design, the integration of thumb screws so that you don’t need to use any tools, the carry handle, build quality and pretty much everything else of significance. It’s actually a very interesting take from a more mainstream enthusiast perspective.

The video also contains the usual humorous approach that we have come to expect from Linus and his troop of techies. There are gripes about how most benchtables are actually totally rubbish plus the fact that the presenter actually tried to create and assemble one from scratch using some 2x4 wooden legs and some chassis parts. Thankfully the OBT gets praise for standing out from the crowd, making an open rig look about as attractive as its going get.

It’s good to see that overclockers get plenty of credit for the Open Benchtable’s design. Luke notes how if anybody can create an actual good looking and attractive Benchtable with all the right features and flexibility that you would want, you would probably look to the overclocking scene for inspiration and advice. If anyone can get it right, overclockers can. Not wrong sir.

Check out the full OBT review here on the LinusTechTips YouTube channel.

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