Throwback Thursday: Hipro5's Golden Glory, Tiborrr's Fastest AMD 3DMark01 and Lab501's MOA 2011 Title Run

It's the last Throwback Thursday of the month and because I'm not able to pick a single story to highlight, I'll just leave a couple here for us to reminisce together.

Back in 2008, Hipro5 was still cracking records and golden cups. On October 19, we found ourselves staring at 6 golden cups and 4 additional top-5 spots. The Greek master of overclocking used a paid of ATI Radeon HD 4870X2 graphics cards and of course a monstrous Core 2 E8600 at 6483 MHz. Legend! For those who wonder, Hipro5 is still around and watching you!

5 years ago, in 2011, Tiborrr from Slovenia attacked the 3DMark01 AMD Record. He took the top spot with a score of 114100 points using an AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE Deneb clocked at 6.5 GHz and a single GeForce GTX 580 at 1200/1150 MHz. In case you're wondering, the current best for AMD in 3DMark01 is Steleras' 116551 with a 6.52 GHz Phenom II. For what it's worth, Bulldozer didn't get past 100,000. Not even at 7311 MHz.

Also in 2011, Lab501 scored the title of Overclocking Masters during the grand final of the MSI MOA 2011 tournament. With a final result of 147.169%, the team formed by Matose and Monstry beat and Team Expandables in the race for the championship title. You can find some additional information on the MSI MOA 2011 Grand Final: "Operation Taipei" here.

Last year, we covered the rAge 2015 NAG OC Workshop hosted by Neo, Pepinorang, Vivi and DrWeez. In an article by titled "Winning at Overclocking". Helping new people join overclocking through workshops has become big in the past couple of years. Aided by a stronger community bond and teachers/leaders sharing experiences on how to get people hooked on overclocking, we see a bright future. Just this year alone, we witness the MSI Tweaking workshop in Johannesburg, HWBOX X San Pedro Sula in Honduras, the OC school in Spain, an Extreme OC workshop in Brazil and of course the World Tour events.

That's it for throwback thursday this month, see you all in November!

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