Overclocking.Guide Add Nvidia GeForce Power Mod Database

Der8auer has added a pretty useful resource to the Overclocking.Guide website which will be very useful for any of us who fancy trying to power mod their Nvidia GeForce graphics card. The new GeForce Power Mod Database contains accurate photos of exactly which resistor to target when using der8auer’s guide to disabling Power Limit on Nvidia cards.

The original guide is actually one of the easiest ways to disable Power Limit on recent GeForce cards so that additional voltage can be applied to the card when overclocking. It’s quite a simple trick that basically involves painting the shunt resistor on the card with Liquid Metal. These precision resistors are responsible for measuring electrical currents, so once disabled using Liquid Metal, the power limitations enforced by Nvidia are rendered totally ineffective, leaving you free to raise the power delivery to the GPU.

The new database allows anyone to follow the instructions in the guide with a range of cards from the recent 900 and 1000 GeForce series including cards from several vendors including Zotac, ASUS, Nvidia and more. Each data-set entry includes a close up shot of the resistor you need to target in order to apply the mod.

You can check out the Nvidia GeForce Power Mod Database here on Overclocking.Guide.

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