Enjoy Hardware Nostalgia? Check Out the VGA Museum

Here’s an interesting site for anyone who has an interest in Graphics Cards in a strictly historical sense. The name of the site is VGAMuseum.info and as the name suggests it’s actually a kind of data base that covers VGA cards going as far back as the mid nineties. The site is the brainchild of Vlask, an enthusiast with a massive haul of old cards that he has curated in great detail, largely for the pleasure of people like us. In the ‘About’ page Vlask explains:

“Welcome to mine personal graphic cards online museum (3rd incarnation). These pages reflects mine personal collection of graphic cards. I've started collecting em some years ago, because i like collecting old junk :-) , i'm probably geek and internet is filled with CPU webs, but its hard find any about graphic cards. So i decided to make one.”

There is absolutely no doubt that many overclockers enjoy retro hardware. The popularity of contests such as the Old is Best School contest and the Challenger Division VII series have shown us that people really do enjoy overclocking hardware from way back in the day. Let’s be honest, PC hardware has changed so much over the last two decades that it is actually quite fun to recall and revisit older components and appreciate the gradual evolution of technology.

As well a great VGA card database Vlask has also put together a, and also the ‘History Tree’ that shows pretty much every GPU series ever launched (or even unlaunched) going as far back as the early 1980’s. It’s includes graphics chips from IBM, Apple, Yamaha, Tseng Labs, S3 Graphics and many, many more. It’s a quite a work of art, and well worth a look.

Check out the VGA Museum here, and also the History Tree here.

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