Wizerty (France) Wins RealBench Challenge II, Plus Prize Draw Winners

The second installment of the RealBench Challenge came to a conclusion just a few days ago. The winner once again is French OC master Wizerty who tops the table with a score of 152,811 points in the ROG RealBench benchmark. His nearest rival is Menthol from the US who arrives in second place with a score of 152,706 points. Meankeys, also of the US, arrives in third place with a score of 152,245 points.

Let’s just recap the overall concept of the contest and the rules for Challenge II. The RealBench Challenge is as you could probably guess centered on the ASUS-developed RealBench benchmark application. Contest rules allow any non-socket 2011 CPU to be used with any ASUS motherboard (more on that later). CPUs are limited to a maximum of four cores. The contest is open to HWBOT members from all leagues. To make the contest more attractive to newer overclockers not familiar with extreme cooling, cooling for all submissions is limited to ambient only (CPU temperatures at 20°C or above). To add further drama to the contest, an additional +1 point was awarded to the top ten places on October 4th.

The RealBench Challenge II is a little different from Challenge I however in that all CPUs were limited to 4,200MHz or lower. This restriction forced most overclockers to abandon the Skylake Core i7 6700K processors that tended dominated the first Challenge. Interestingly the rules stated that no X99 motherboards or socket 2011-3 platforms could be used - clearly an effort to exclude Intel HEDT chips from being used. A closer examination of the rules however reveals that X79 boards with Ivy Bridge E processors on the original Socket 2011 were in fact allowed.

The winning score from Wizerty was made using ac Core i7-4930K which he managed to park at exactly 4,199MHz. Menthol however made his score using a Core i7 4960X. Indeed Ivy Bridge E CPUs were the most popular choice for Challenge II.

The second win for Wizerty means that he can look forward to receiving an ROG Gladius mouse with ROG whestone mousepad combo. He is also in pole position to win the series where a next-generation motherboard is at stake. Congrats to you Wizerty! The contest also features a lucky draw to win some ASUS goodies. The three Lucky Draw winners are Floriangrasnick (Taiwan), StratosCZ (Czech Republic) and Hambaaaallah (Indonesia). Congrats to you guys.

Check out all the scores and submissions on the contest page here on OC-ESPORTS. Don’t forget that the RealBench Challenge 2016, Challenge III begins in just a few weeks time, running from October 28th to November 7th.

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