AMD Bristol Ridge, AM4 and B350/A320 Chipset - Analysis from Anandtech

AMD formally announced its forthcoming Bristol Ridge-based APUs and CPUs a few weeks ago and while we have seen a few industry insiders take a peak regading performance ond overclocking headroom, there are still plenty of questions surrounding the new platform.

The good news is that a few days ago Anandtech’s Dr Ian Cutress published a pretty detailed analysis of the new platform, pulling together all the details and clues that we have on hand. It’s an interesting read for anyone who wants to understand the company’s latest strategy, the new AM4 socket, new chipsets and the likely performance we can expect from AMD moving forward.

Here’s a taste of what Ian had to say about Bristol Ridge’s potential from an overclocking perspective:

“Given that technically the systems with the new APUs have been released for a couple of weeks, some vendors have their internal enthusiasts play around with the platform. Bearing in mind that AMD has not announced any formal overclocking support on these new APUs, NAMEGT, a South Korean overclocker with ties to ASUS, has pushed the A12-9800 APU to 4.8 GHz by adjusting the multiplier. To do this, he used an unreleased ASUS Octopus AM4 motherboard and AMD’s 125W Wraith air cooler (which will presumably be bundled with PIBs later in the product cycle).”

Visit Anandtech for the full and very detailed article the covers pretty much everything related to Bristol Ridge.

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