ASUS OC Summit, Moscow: Records Tumble for Team Russia and Xtreme Addict

HWBOT X just published a blog post about the recently held ASUS OC Summit in Moscow, Russia. As well as some of the biggest names in the country, the event also featured Xtreme Addict, marking the beginning of his most recent rampage that has once again seen him top the world rankings on HWBOT.

Slamms, Smoke, Atheros and XA were invited to the ASUS representative office in Moscow for the majority of last week. As well having a Titan X Pascal to play with (hooking up an Epower board for starters) the group was largely divided in to two groups, both benching on Core i7 6700K processors and ASUS boards. Smoke and Slamms focused on reaping as many points as possible from legacy 3D benchmarks using a GTX 1080 card, while XA and Atheros focused mostly on 2D.

In terms of World Records, I have a feeling that Team AU might not be too happy to see their recent hard work undone by the Russian contingent. Smoke managed to pull of new World records in 3DMark2001 and 3DMark06. He also managed a World Record score in 3DMark05 which Xtreme Addict subsequently beat just days later.

Last week was clearly a productive one for Xtreme Addict who also managed to achieve Global 1st Place rankings in Cinebench R15, Cinebench R11.5, Geekbench3 Multi-core, GPUPI for CPU -1B and wPrime – 1024M. This was the beginning of another full on assault at the World No.1 spot for the talented Pole who sits at the top of the world rankings once again.

Read the full bog post about the ASUS Autumn OC Summit here on HWBOT X. There is also this forum post started by Slamms here on the HWBOT forum. Nice work guys.

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