GalaxOCLab Break SuperPi 32M and PiFast World Records

Galax has long been respected for their graphics card offerings and over the years have added SSDs and more recently memory to their product line up. In an effort to underline the performance of their latest Hall of Fame memory kits the company’s GalaxOCLab team, headed by respected overclocker MAD Tse, have just put the new DIMMs to good use breaking both PiFast and SuperPi 32M World Records – both benchmarks that are largely dependent on tight memory configurations.

The new World Record for Super 32M now stands at 4min 22sec 765ms, a run that was achieved using a Skylake Core i7 6700K pushed on LN2 to 6,905MHz (+72.63%) with a HoF DDR4 kit configured at 2,060MHz (CL12.0 11-11-28 ). Other important rig details include an ASUS Maximus VIII motherboard. The new World Record beats the previous best which was held by Greek overclocker Sofos1990 who managed a run in 4mins 25 sec 578ms.

The World Record PiFast score submitted by GalaxOCLab is 9sec 30ms. This was made with a Core i7 6700K clocked at 7,005MHz (+75.13%) plus a HoF DDR4 memory kit configured at 2,030MHz (CL12.0 11-11-28), again using an Maximus VIII Impact motherboard. This beats the previous best of 9sec 160ms which once again was held by Sofos1990.

Both of these new World Records show substantial gains in performance and underline the potential of these new memory kits from Galax. It’s important to note that the GalaxOCLab team have decided to disable points for both scores in the spirit of competitive overclocking. You can find the new SuperPi 32M World Record here as well as the new PiFast World Record here.

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