EKWB Launch Custom Loop Configurator

I’m pretty sure I am correct in saying that custom PC water cooling has become more popular now than it has ever been. Looking at the rig shots in the Rookie Rumble, we are finding that there is a huge segment of Rookie overclockers that go for high performance custom loop cooling build. However, for custom loop water cooling enthusiasts, getting hold of exactly the right components for your build can be a hassle.

Compatibility is a major issue when you are buying components online especially as here are so many options in terms of hardware. Thankfully, EKWB have developed the Custom Loop Configurator, an online service that helps you to find the right components for your build.

According to EKWB:

“The Custom Loop Configurator is the online tool for selecting EK liquid cooling parts for a full custom loop. Users can provide the information about their hardware and in a few easy steps, the system guides the user through the compatible parts selection process. Water blocks, radiators and fans, pumps, reservoirs, fittings, tubes and coolants are all part of the selection process and there is nothing like it available anywhere on the internet!”

The system is still in Beta and doesn’t cover a full range of modern motherboards, graphics cards and chassis just yet, but from what we hear its basic functionality works well. Check it out here on ekwb.com

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