OC-ESPORTS Roundup July 2016: Dancop and Overclock.net in the Lead

July 2016 has come and gone bringing with it the continuation and conclusion of several overclocking contests on OC-ESPORTS. The Team Cup 2016 sees its first month go by as does the Novice Nimble 10 contest which comes to its halfway point. Meanwhile we also have while Intel and AMD Rookie Rumble contests which come to a close at the end of the month. Let’s start however with the current Official Overclocking World Rankings on OC-ESPORTS.

At the top of the official world rankings for the 2016 season, we see the month of July end with Germany’s Dancop once again sitting at the top of the table. Although his grip on HWBOT world rankings has taken a hit of late with Poland’s Xtreme Addict making a huge push to dislodge Dancop at the top, in the 2016 season on OC-ESPORTS he remains utterly unassailable. Interestingly, we actually see Xtreme Addict lose a few places, moving from 4th place one month ago, to 7th place at the end of July.

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