ASUS Integrate Intel XTU Benchmark into TPU Tweaking Utility

ASUS have just updated their Dual Intelligent Processors 5 software suite, and one of the major changes is the integration of the Intel XTU benchmark within the suite’s TPU utility. This means that anyone who installs the bundles ASUS software suite now has the chance to not only tweak their system, but also run the XTU benchmark find out how much their performance has improved.

The Intel XTU API is open, meaning that it can in fact be integrated into any 3rd party app. ASUS is the first company to integrate it into their software utility suite, but in fact this is something that any of the motherboard vendors could implement. And as we have argued before, it kind of makes sense.

ASUS are selling high-end hardware to a group of enthusiasts that includes DIY PC builders, modders, gamers and of course overclockers. This kind of consumer is willing to pay premium prices to have hardware that they customize and tweak to their heart’s content. Once you have made adjustments to your CPU configuration in the Turbo Processing Unit(TPU) utility, it makes sense to have an easy way to assess how much added performance you have gained. XTU is the perfect way to introduce the concepts of tweaking and testing. Plus it also allows you to submit your score and then compare it to thousands of others.

Intel XTU was developed as a gateway to overclocking. Adding it to the ASUS TPU utility is a smart move, one that could bring more people to the OC fold. For a quick look at the XTU in action with the TPU app, click here for a quick video from OverClocking-TV. Click here to download the latest version of Dual Intelligent Processors 5 and try it for yourself.

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