Overclocking Telemetry Shield Debuts in 1v1v Target Attack Live OC Contest

The guys from OverclockingTV had a very busy and fun weekend at the Summer OC Party in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania which finished up just yesterday. The event was organized primarily by community members from OCF including Stefan and Stephonz. The concept is pretty straightforward - a big get-together where anyone from Elite league extreme overclockers to absolute newbies were welcome to hangout and of course get down to some solid benchmarking.

One of the more interesting activities that happened was the experimentation of new live OC contest format called ‘1v1 Target Attack’. The rules have not yet been finalized, but basically it works like this; two overclockers compete 1v1 style, overclockers start with three live and compete in short 5 min rounds were they have to try and get as close as possible to specific (randomly drawn) target score. The looser of each round loses one life. Players lose a life if they fail to score, make the same score or score by the same distance from the target.

The Summer OC Party was the perfect opportunity to test the 1v1 Target Attack format. As you can see in the video (click the image to your left) Xyala and Trouffman set up a test contest between Marc0053 and Stephonz who stepped up as willing test pilots for the experiment.

The contest also proved to be useful platform for a test of a different kind as the OverClocking-TV team also experimented with a newly developed Overclocking Telemetry Shield device. Xyala has been working with hacker Gergely Imreh to come up with a small device that can monitor and display live temperatures and voltages. Based on an Arduino/Genuino Yún the Shield is perfect for displaying sensor data during live overclocking contests – as such was used during the contests last weekend. You can see temps clearly displayed onscreen during the contests, offering some additional insight for anyone watching the live stream.

Watch the 1v1 Target Attack live OC contest between Marc0053 and Stephonz in the video here on the OverClocking-TV Youtube channel. You can also learn more about the Overclocking Telemetry Shield here on Hackaday.io

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