The OC Show: S03E08 - AMD RX 480 Powergate, Nvidia GTX 1060 plus CS:GO Betting Scandal

The latest edition of the OC show is now available from the guys at OverClocking-TV. Episode 8 of Season 3 see Xyala and Trouffman joined by Buidzoid, with three of them discussing a broad range of OC-related topics including the CS:GO betting scandals that have come to light in recent weeks, power issues related to the new AMD RX 480 graphics card plus there’s also the news that many of the 4GB cards can in fact be upgraded for free to 8GB with a BIOS refresh.

The team also discuss the relevance of the new GTX 1060 cards that are rumored to be arriving soon and how an affordable Pascal card would line up with current GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 cards that are already on the market. There also some discussion regarding the pricing of the new Core i7 6950X CPUs from Intel, plus a look at the forthcoming Time Spy benchmark from Futuremark.

Catch the full video of The OC Show, Season 3, Episode 8 here on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel here.