Strong Island Takes CPUPI for CPI 1B 2x CPU Global 1st Place

The battle for supremacy in the dual-core CPU rankings has heated up of late with three contenders scrapping over the spoils that can be gleaned from the GPUPI for CPU 1B benchmark. In the last week or so we have seen the dual-core Global 1st Place ranking change between three of the scene’s rising stars.

First we saw France’s orion24 take the record away from dhenzjhen with a run of 8min 9sec 70ms. This was followed by a swift reply from the Philippine’s No1 overclocker, with dhenzjhen reclaiming in the title in magnificent fashion with a score of 8min 8sec 566ms. Today however, we have a new GPUPI dual-core master with America’s Strong Island rising to the top.

Strong Island shares in many ways a similar story as orion24; they are both overclockers who can be described by the community as freshly blooded, quickly rising stars. Strong Island has only been a member of the HWBOT faithful for just over two and a half years, in that time rising from Rookie to become the No.3 ranked overclocker in the Extreme League, the second most deadly in the team and incredibly, the second highest ranking American on HWBOT.

The new Global 1st Place score submission from Strong Island again involved a pretty affordable Skylake Core i3 6100 processor, in this case pushed to an impressive 6,419MHz which is +73.49% beyond the chips stock settings. Strong Island also used a Samsung B-Die based DDR4 kit which was pushed to 1,850MHz (CL13.0 13-13-28 1T ) on an ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard.

The score does Strong Island’s league standings no harm at all with 87.9 points for the 2x CPU ranking, plus 4 points for the i3 6100 1st place ranking. You can check out the score submission from Strong Island here, as well as the full dual-core GPUPI for CU 1B rankings here.

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