Dhenzjhen Smashes Geekbench3 and Cinebench R15 World Records with 96x CPU Broadwell-EX Rig

Elite overclocker dhenzjhen has just blown the doors of the Cinebench R15 and Geekbench3 Multi-core. The Cinebench R15 world record was smashed with an absolute monster score submission of 8,299 cb points. Just to concept check that score again – 8,299 cb points! That’s 1,294 points ahead of the second best ever score (which by the way also belongs to dhenzjhen). How is this possible? Well, let’s just say that the Phllipino No.1 overclocker has quite a rig at his disposal; a Broadwell-EX server rig which contains 4x Intel Xeon E7 8890 v4 processors, each of which packs a breathtaking 24 cores, which means we are talking about a 96x CPU system (with 192 threads don’t forget).

According to information supplied by Intel these E7 8890 v4 chips have just been released on the server market, with each costing in the region $7,170 USD a pop. The rig uses a actually a SuperMicro X10QBi motherboard that can support four Broadwell-EX chips and maximum of 3072GB of ECC DDR4 using specialized daughter boards that slot into what is essentially a baseboard. Dhenzjhen was apparently not satisfied with the performance of his 96x CPU system, overclocking the rig to hit a clock speed of 2,700MHz, a very tasty additional +22.73% beyond stock settings.

The Geekbench3 Multicore world record bit the dust with a score of 123,840 points using the same overclocked 96-core rig – a massive 18,626 points ahead of the nearest score (also submitted by dhenzjhen). The two world record submissions have earned the prodigious Filipino 200 points for the world record ranking, plus 19.8 points for the 96x CPU rankings.

Check out the Geekbench3 Multicore submission and the Cinebench R15 submissions for yourself , as well as the rankings of both here and here.

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