Racoon Submits Highest DDR4 Frequency, Hits 2515.9MHz on ASRock Z170M OC Formula

Just a matter of days ago we brought you news of topppc and an MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC Board making wave in the OC waters with a pair of record breaking DDR4 memory submissions, the second of which actually burst through the symbolic 5GHz barrier. Today, here at the HWBOT World Tour Asia event at Computex overclockers were given an extra incentive to push the ZADAK511 memory kits being used at the event to new heights – it seems to have done the trick as Swiss No.1 Racoon pushed his kit far enough to result in a new highest ever DDR4 frequency of 2515.9MHz.

Today’s new highest DDR4 frequency was made by Racoon benching on ASRock Z170M OC Formula running a Core i3-6320 CPU clocked at 3.90GHz. The memory was pushed to 2515.9MHz (DDR4-5059.8) on a single channel 8GB DDR4 DIMM with timings set at 21-31-31-63-2. Congrats to ASrock, ZADAK511 and of course Racoon. Nice work!

The ZADAK511 DDR4 Frequency Challenge runs throughout the course of the HWBOT World Series Asia contest, inviting all overclockers competing in the contest to push the new ZADAK511 memory kits as hard as possible in an effort to win some pretty nice prizes. Prizes will be given to all three of the top submissions on the contest page and include a SHIELD RGB 240GB SSD (MSRP $189) a SHIELD DDR4 4266MHz*4 (OCK edition) memory kit (USD$1100) and sponsorship of ZADAK511’s latest SSD and Dual Channel kits with one year of exclusive pre-retail access. Not bad.

You can check out the submission on HWBOT here, plus the CPUz validation page here.

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