Interview with a Custom PC Designers Fierce PC

If you listen to many industry leaders and even media, they’ll tell you straight to your face that the desktop PC is in trouble, a cumbersome beast hunted to the point of irrelevance by high performance notebooks, tablets and even the ubiquitous smartphone. The truth however is that the high-performance, custom-built desktop market continues to grow and evolve. Bespoke PC builds using water cooled, overclocked, enthusiast-grade hardware are in more demand than ever, spawning a micro-industry of custom PC vendors.

Bitech managed to get hold of Jon Carter, Managing Director of Fierce PC, a quickly growing UK-based custom PC vendor who have recently updated their online retail strategy to offer even more options for gamers and enthusiasts who demand the best hardware they can get their hands on, tuned to nice tidy overclock that carries a proper warranty. Here’s a sample of the interview:

“What is your current favourite system on offer and why? Jon: My personal favourite is the ‘Dragon Slayer’ Extreme Gaming PC. It’s got everything you need to game on Max settings, 1080p, 1440p, 4K, multiple screens and of course, the flavour of the moment, VR – plus, it looks gorgeous. We’ve used the new Corsair 600C inverted case and water-cooled the processor and graphics card. Because it’s inverted it means you can see the liquid running through the chrome water block – it just looks awesome.”

What Jon fails to mention is that as well as looking the part, the Dragon Slayer Extreme uses a custom water cooled Core i7 6700K pushed to 4.7GHz. Maybe they should highlight the benefits of having a nicely overclocked rig… Anyway, great to see a small PC retailer offer fully bespoke desktop designs.

Read the full interview at Bitech.

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