Phenom II X4 Overclocking Master class

Over the years overclocking has grown from something underground to something that is commonly accepted and embraced by both mainstream and high-end users as well as manufacturers. Overclocking a GPU or CPU brings in additional performance, almost always for free. it's tricky though, go too far and overclocking can cause instability, break down components and we didn't even mention power consumption here. Though the processor and graphics card manufacturers are a little less happy about all this, it has slowly become business.

We'll obviously be working again with OldScarface as his insight in extreme overclocking is so much fun to observe. With this article we do hope you learned a thing or two about the needs and requirements of Phenom II extreme overclocking. We tried in this article for it to be both a learning curve yet also a user experience. As you can read in the final paragraphs of OldScarface's write-up, he was really disappointed whereas I say 5500 to 6500 MHz on this processor is just insane. He's however a professional overclocker with only one thing spinning in the back of his head, he wants to break world records. And like any good sportsman, he was disappointed to not achieve that goal.

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