Intel Shuts Down Cheap Skylake Overclocking

According to reports in the media, Intel has finally made a decisive and somewhat bold move of actually shutting down the loophole that allowed users to overclock non-K SKU Skylake processors. Since December of last year motherboard vendors started releasing revised BIOS versions that allowed users to increase performance by having full access the processor’s BCLK. Intel was rumored to be less than pleased, but today we finally have confirmation that they will issue a microcode update to motherboard vendors, which once implemented, will basically put end to non-K SKU overclocking.

According to PC World, an Intel spokesperson responded with the following quote:

“Intel regularly issues updates for our processors which our partners voluntarily incorporate into their BIOS. The latest update provided to partners includes, among other things, code that aligns with the position that we do not recommend overclocking processors that have not been designed to do so. Additionally, Intel does not warranty the operation of the processor beyond its specifications.”

So far it seems like the original BIOSes that allowed non-K SKU overclocking will remain usable out there in the wild, but in all likelihood newer boards will integrate the updated microcode.

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