Covers rAge 2015's NAG OC Workshop: "Winning At Overclocking"

Six days ago we informed you about the upcoming overclocking workshop at rAge 2015, a massive gaming tradeshow in South Africa. Just a couple of hours ago, published an editorial piece on the OC Workshop from the perspective of an amateur participant. The entertaining read is highly recommended!

Marco, the author, starts off with introducing the main components of the workshop: the Intel Core i7 6700K processor, MSI Z170 motherboards, and a couple of MSI GeForce GTX 950 graphics cards. The overclocking staff consisted of Vivi, DrweeZ, Pepi (MSI), and ShockG (TheOverclocker).

"[...] The aim of the workshop/competition was not to simply throw us Overclocking Neanderthals into a pit to duke it out with each other for a chance to win some tasty tech, but it served a far larger purpose I believe. Chatting with the professional overclockers over the course of the weekend it became clear that they not only wanted to help people push their computers as fast as they could, but also to dispel a few misunderstandings about the way the different parts of the PC affect performance in different ways. For instance, the effect of overclocking the GPU was more important for frame rates than overclocking the CPU, since most people still think the biggest performance increase in gaming can be attained from overclocking the CPU, which is simply not the case. [...]"

It looks like the event was a massive hit and we look forward to more pictures, results, and videos!

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