Upgrade Australia with PC Authority and TeamAU - Extreme Overclocking for Newbies

Last week PC Authority, a high profile Australian computer magazine, hosted the Upgrade Australia 2.0 event in collaboration with Intel, ASUS, Microsoft, and GIGABYTE. The goal is to, of course, get the Australian people to upgrade their PC systems. Intel presented their new Skylake architecture and Microsoft shared a couple of DirectX 12 insights.

But of course the highlight of the evening was the overclocking session with amateurs handling their first liters of liquid nitrogen. Hosted by TeamAU, represented by Dinos22 and YoungPro, 10 lucky members of the audience competed in two teams of five people to win a top of the line GIGABYTE Z170 motherboard.

It's great to see seasoned extreme overclockers share their passion with people who have no affiliation with overclocking yet. Just like the activities hosted by the Indonesian JagatReview, teaching people how OC works is a vital part of the overclocking eco-system. For all Australians who are looking to get an good introduction to overclocking by TeamAU, follow the boys down under via their Facebook page.

For picture of the event, check out pcauthority.com.au.

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