Toolius From India Grabs Geekbench3 (HWBOT) World Record: 75155 with 2 Xeon E5 2699 V3 at 2883MHz

Shamelessly, we reference the news article posted at the ROG blog because we completely lost track of this story.

And ashamed we are, because this is quite amazing news. For the first time ever (as far as my memory goes back), an HWBOT Overclocking World Record was broken by an Indian overclocker! Toolius achieved this feat by beating established Filipino top-overclocker Dhenzjhen in Geekbench3 using 2 Intel Xeon E5 2699 V3 processors at 2883MHz. He uses the ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS motherboard, hence why it's covered on the ROG blog.

The Geekbench3 benchmark is a recent addition to the HWBoints suite and now features World Record, Global, and Hardware Points for participants. Toolius' score yields him a total of 114.1 points. Pretty sweet!

You can check out the score submission page here and the original sourced news article at ROG blog here.

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