‘Rauf’ Claims Top Spot in the MSI Beat the Fastest Contest

This week the curtain closed on the ‘MSI Beat the Fastest’ overclocking contest, a fiercely fought competition hosted on OC-Esports.io where overclockers were invited to go head to head across three stages centered around CPU Clock Frequency, XTU and wPrime 32M. Congrats to contest winner Rauf from Sweden who actually come out on top of two out of three stages to claim the win with a total 80.1 points.

MSI Beat the Fastest ran from February 17th to March 10th with staggered finishing lines for each of the three stages. Each submission was awarded a set of "hardware points" on HWBOT, based on the competitiveness of the category you participate in and your rank. The competition ranking was based on the sum of the hardware points of across the three stages.

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