OC-Esports Platform Updated to v1.1.0 - 40+ Bugs, Features and Improvements

We introduced the OC-Esports.io website in beta on October 1, 2014 as the prime platform for competitive overclocking. Based on the many user feedback and bug reports, we worked harder behind the scenes to squash as many bugs as possible and improve existing features where necessary. We finished our first development cycle last week and moved all the improvements to the production server.

Amongst the 40+ items, you can find a significantly improved schedule with filters for competition types and per quarter. We also improved the selection menu for submitting to competitions with multiple stages. You can find snapshots of the two features on the right-hand side. We hope you like it!

We officially launch the new platform in 2015 and are working hard to deliver the best experience. Stay tuned for more development news and information!

You can find an overview of the resolved bugs, new features and improvements below.


  • Responsive menu doesn't close after clicking on a menu item
  • Discussion for round
  • No URL update on series page -> Go to round
  • Visual bug when long competition name
  • IE9 gives javascript error
  • FB preview always says "internet explorer browser is out of date"
  • "Open" on round page is not red, but on stage rounds it is
  • Avatars not shown in stage ranking
  • User/team in stage ranking links to hwbot.org
  • Stage leader avatar, name, points don't link to anything
  • Iran flag CSS issue
  • Clicking on series in schedule to find the overview links to a page on which the information is not loaded
  • Rankings: add links to content
  • News section broken, doesn't show news at all
  • Remove English/Chinese selection menu if we don't have different languages
  • When the submission table auto-refreshes, the details of another submission will open
  • News item image doesn't load on mobile device
  • Click on register goes to 404 on mobile
  • Login does not work on mobile -> 404
  • User-friendly 404 page for broken links
  • Roadmap menu item does not fold back when selecting a competition on mobile


  • Series page: update url when selecting a different roadmap
  • Connect
  • Partner logos should scale on mobile
  • News minor improvements: tags + spacing
  • Road To Pro: shields must link to ongoing round of that division
  • Road To Pro: add links to users/teams
  • Re-direct other oc-esports domains to http://oc-esports.io/ so people share the correct URL mapping
  • Add links to footer items
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy links below footer links to no content
  • Align round bubble content so everything is nicely centered
  • Change "competition overview" on stage page to "back to competition overview" and make it look like a button
  • Add "view schedule" to global leaderboard ranking
  • Add competition type filter to schedule
  • Remove "leaderboard" title from competition page, replace with competition name
  • Competition timer becomes less accurate over time
  • ASUS AOOC Final Competition Fixes

New Feature

  • Competition banner not shown on mobile version


  • Submitting should not take you to a completely different styled website
  • Implement point system for Team Rankings

Sub Task

  • Improve home: slow on android, year and roadmap selector ugly, hide no partners
  • round page - join competition btn, ranking looks messy
  • stage page: submit score when nog logged in, ranking looks messy
  • schedule: year / tag not suited for mobile
  • log in with social does not work on mobile
  • log in does not close login dialog

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