K|ngp|n Rounds Up 4 Single GPU Records with His Very Own GTX 780 Ti Classified KP Edition at 2050MHz GPU!

It is fairly evident that if you have a product carrying your name, you are expected to demonstrate what the hardware is capable of. Even though he only had a signature on the motherboard and not part of the product name, NickShih demonstrated this before with the Z87 OC Formula motherboard. For K|ngp|n things are a bit different since he actually has a product carrying his name – a first in the world of overclocking, I believe. Well that is if we disregard the illustrious Fatal1ty of course.

In any case, K|ngp|n had been quiet for a while. Rumors say he’s been working on the successor of the GTX 780 Ti, but yesterday’s results seem to point in the direction of intense benching sessions. The results are phenomenal: the first (real) 2GHz GTX 780 Ti and four single GPU records: 3DMark Vantage Performance, 3DMark11 Performance and both 3DMark Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme. Boom!

The 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme record in particular is impressive, scoring 8950 points. K|ngp|n now has a lead of 238 points over number two Dancop, that’s almost 3%. A mile in the world of overclocking. For those hoping to see big milestones we would recommend a little bit more patience. Maybe someone will step up and take on The K|ng or he will pull out one of his backup scores.

More to come, that’s for sure!

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