Dancop Breaks Fire Strike Extreme Single GPU Record: 8712 points with GTX 780 Ti at 1929/2100

After months of Fire Strike Extreme domination by K|ngp|n, we recently saw a lot of new contenders for this prestigious world record. SF3D from Finland was the last to break the record, beating 8 Pack by a dozen points. Yesterday the record went to Germany as Dancop set a new top score with 8712 points. The first over 8700!

For the record, Dancop used a GeForce GTX 780 Ti Matrix clocked at 1929/2100 MHz. Combining this monster of a graphics card with a near 6.2GHz Core i7 4930K Ivy Bridge-E resulted in a score almost 40 points higher than SF3D's. The score was achieved live at the Freeocen Celebration Session VII and attendees are seemingly impressed by the ease of this record.

Congratulations to Dancop and everyone involved setting the record!

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